January lasted forever this year. I blame the dreadful weather and the usual post Christmas holidays meh. 
To keep me a little more engaged with things I launched a new channel up on Instagram where I will be featuring some of my photography which is not related to drinks. This will help in keeping things fresh for me creatively speaking, as well as it has already been challenging me to improve my shooting and editing skills. After all I did not get into photography years ago because of drinks so I believe it is good to push boundaries a little. 

Check my new photography channel @fedeshoots on Instagram

Back onto drinks,  I had the pleasure to shoot at Bluespoon bar. I highly recommend to visit the place if you are around Amsterdam. The bar manager Martin is an excellent host and the drinks are just incredible.

One of the best drinks I sipped at Bluespoon

I also had the pleasure to shoot again at Pikoteo. Food is great there too, so if you are once again around Amsterdam I would recommend you to check it out for lunch or dinner.

Pikoteo has both great drinks and food

I have a couple of more exciting shoots coming up this month so stay tuned for more. As always you can find more regular updates on what's going on with me on my Instagram. Cheers!
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