April is here and I couldn't be happier. But before jumping onto that, make sure to check out the photos I took at Drinc. a couple of weeks back. Here below is one of my favourite shots from that session in Milan.
April will be a fun month. I'll visit Paris during the Easter holidays and I will have a couple of exciting projects going on. These will mostly involve shooting at least one bar and also some people too, which I am very much looking forward to. On this note over the month of March I continued investing time in learning advanced editing with Photoshop. It has been lots of fun and at times challenging. I am sure that overall the photos I'll work on in the future will benefit from this significantly. 
I also decided to setup a proper portfolio site to showcase my photography. I thought this was a good idea as I am branching more and more into different types of photos, not only drinks. This actually has always been the case for me before Welcome to My Bar became a thing so I see it very much as going back to my roots as a photographer. Only this time with professional gear and more experience. 
Make sure to check my channel if you'd like to be up to speed on what is going on with me. In the meantime here below is a photo of me from a couple of weeks back which I shot for my photography channel. Cheers!
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