Tropical Vibes
A sweet tropical drink
Reverse Amaro Manhattan
Amaro meets rye in this delicious drink
Milkshake IPA
An unusual creamy beertail
Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita
A spicy and delicious margarita twist
A delicious pre-dinner drink
Beggar's Banquet
A delicious bourbon & maple syrup beertail
Azure Waves
A sweet summer tequila drink
Planter's Punch
An easy to mix tiki classic
Cucumber Mule
A refreshing take on the classic moscow mule
Banana Beachcomb
A delicious banana tiki
Devil's Advocate
A spicy bourbon cocktail
Pimms Cup
A Wimbledon classic
Cherry Negroni
A cherry twist on the classic Italian aperitif drink
Basil Smash
Basil and lemon meet gin
Frozen Negroni
The perfect negroni twist for a hot summer day
Coffee Negroni
This negroni riff will keep you going
Teal-quila Sunrise
Summer in a glass
Rum meets amaro in this delicious drink
A negroni twist with tequila
Chief Lapu Lapu
A delicious tiki drink
The Kiwi Thing
A kiwi gin drink
Satin Doll
A delicious whisky drink
Arctic Orange
A delicious dessert drink
Whisky Passion
Passion fruit and whisky. Enough said.
Mint Julep
The Kentucky Derby Classic
The Zombie
A classic and misterious tiki drink
New York Sour
A fruity wine twist on the classic whisky sour
The Godfather
Whisky meets amaretto in this spirit forward drink
French 75
A delicious champagne drink with a kick
Pericolo Rosso
A fine aperitif drink
The Grass Is Always Greener
A world class refreshing drink
The Negroni
My favourite pre-dinner drink
The Rosemary Greyhound
A delicious twist on the classic vodka and graperfruit drink
Matcha Highball
Matcha meets whisky in this refreshing drink
We Have a Lot of Popcorn Down Here Georgie
Inspired by Stephen King's IT 2017 Movie Remake
Raspberry Fizz
An easy to drink raspberry and gin drink
Moscow Mule
An easy to mix classic vodka drink
Port Old Fashioned
A deep fruity take on the classic old fashioned
Pornstar Martini
A fancy crowd pleaser
Fluffy Matcha Sour
Matcha meets gin in this delicious fluffy drink
Pressing Charges
A short whisky and ginger ale drink
Fig Smash
If you love figs this is for you
Smoky Canadian Old Fashioned
An old fashioned twist that will wow your guests
Pen Pal
A great drink with rye and an Italian touch
Sidewinder's Fang
A delicious tiki, just beware of the snake!
Employees Only Manhattan
A great take on a classic whisky drink
Almond Piña Colada
Amaretto meets rum in this Piña Colada twist
Pink Gin and Tonic
A sweeter take on a classic gin and tonic
Marmalade Negroni
A fruity twist on my favourite pre-dinner drink
Strange Brew
An incredible beer cocktail
Spicy Mango Margarita
Spicy mango deliciousness
Smoky Sour
My favourite whisky sour twist
Mai Tai
A famous tiki classic
Chocolate Espresso Martini
This will keep you going all night long
Port Light
A delicious bourbon tiki
Coconut and pineapple creamy perfection
The Classic Old Fashioned
The timeless whisky drink
Clover Club
Raspberries meet gin in this pre-Prohibition classic
Piña Colada
A classic drink for the warm season
Ramos Gin Fizz
Divine gin fizz creaminess
Bloody Mary
Best enjoyed during lazy Sunday brunches
Whisky Sour
My favourite classic whisky cocktail
Whisky Lemonade
The most refreshing summer whisky drink ever
Brown Derby
Grapefruit meets bourbon in this classic drink
Whisky and Coke
A refreshing and easy to make drink
Whisky and Ginger
A classic and simple whisky highball drink
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